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Published: 10th February 2012
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The most famous art of Japan is 'Martial arts.' There is not much difference between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Japanese martial art. In spite of similarities between them, BJJ stands out as a seperate and unique form of self-defense. One can learn BJJ as a sideline or even pursue a career out of it. This combat sport is becoming more popular day-by-day. Even a weaker person can protect himself against a strong person if he masters the techniques of BJJ. The focus of the BJJ is on the ground fighting and grappling. The ultimate aim is to make the opponent tap-out. In BJJ, fighter has to be alert and react quickly.

Anyone can avail benefits from this sport, particularly, military professionals, security guards etc. Rules and etiquette of BJJ are required to be followed by participants. This sport should be played only with those who have knowledge of these moves and techniques.

Every sport including BJJ has some rules and etiquettes. Each and every participant must follow them. He must make sure that the safety of the opponent is not endangered. Vulgar and abusive language must be strictly avoided, as they affect the quality of the sport. He should not resort to unfair means such as scratching, biting etc. While playing this sport, one need not have to be excessively aggressive. Anger management is must for every opponent. A true sportsman always takes his defeat positively and learns from it. He should never disrespect his instructor and follow instructions given by his instructor. A fighter should not perform any deadly moves. He should not disturb others by making noise. Participants must make sure that they are not indulging themselves into any kind of unethical behaviour.

All students are mandatority required to wear the Jiu Jitsu Gi uniform while training. In simple words, it is must for every ambitious fighter. Care should be taken while selecting Gi. Proper Gi is the one in which you feel comfortable. If one does not feel comfortable inside Jiu Jitsu Gi gear, he would not be able to fight very well and with confidence. There are two types of gears-1.Lightweight, 2.Heavyweight. As compared to the heavyweight gear, lightweight gear is more comfortable to wear in a competition. While making both heavyweight and lightweight types of BJJ kimono, same quality of fabric is used.While choosing the Jiu Jitsu Gi, one has to see the weight of the gear. It is simple to find out whether a Gi is heavyweight in character or not. Double weave Gis are heavyweight in nature and single weave Gis are not. There is only one factor that distinguishes single weave Gi from the double weave Gi and that is the quantity of fabric used in the making. Quantity of fabric used in the making of double weave Gis is more than the one used in the single weave Gis. It is advisable to choose single weave Gi, when you want to participate in a competition.

You should select the brand that offers reasonable price. Before you select the right brand, just take some time to see other brands available in the market. Many people prefer blue or white. One has to keep in mind that the Jiu Jitsu Gi chosen should be durable so that it can not be ripped off easily.

There is lots of information available about any aspect relating to this sport. Believe me, it is a stress reliever. It is a sport, you can enjoy. It's worth trying!

In order to learn this form of martial arts, one needs to be a true warrior. BJJ can not be learned without dedication. Eventually what matters is the pleasure one derives from the sport. You will realise that BJJ has improved you subconsciously.

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