Pizza Pan And Pizza Peels - A Brief Rundown

Published: 11th June 2012
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Before even attempting creating a pizza by yourself, there are some things you first have to learn, like the ways of making the pizza pan and the pizza peels. Basic knowledge about pizza peels and pizza pan is very important regardless of the type of pizza you are planning to make, whether they are thick cheese crusted pizzas to the small thin crusted pizzas.

You have the option of creating either the traditional pizza pan or the perforated variety of pizza. They do not make a difference when it comes to the taste of the pizza. Making the traditional type of pizza pan requires the use of one tablespoon of cooking oil. Pour this small amount of cooking oil on the surface of the pan itself. Coat the entire surface gently with the oil using a brush or a paper towel. On top of the oil coated surface, you can just sprinkle the cornmeal powder. This will prevent the dough from getting stuck tightly to the surface of the pizza pan. If you don't do this, the pizza's shape will be ruined as well.

Perforated pans, on the other hand, are directly placed on the towels. The surface of the pan will then be coated using a cooking spray that is exclusively used for nonstick pans and cook wares. This is not harmful to your health and you need not have any hesitation to use it.

The pan surface is coated in an even manner. The paper towels will come in handy in protecting the kitchen counter top or the surface of the dining table from the pizza pan spray when it comes time to use it. Knowing about pizza pan or pizza peels will improve your pizza-making skills and will have you producing better results in your pizza. After doing this, the cornmeal will be sprinkled on the pizza pan in a gentle way and in a uniform manner. There are some people who cannot tolerate the texture of corn meal. This would mean you have to look for other alternatives to cornmeal. A pizza prepared on perforated pizza pans will end up having a coarse and crispy texture than the conventional type.

Those who are not having pizza pans need not purchase one. You can even use your normal baking sheets or the cookie sheets to serve the purpose. When you are making the pizza dough, you need to be careful. The whole dough has to be patted evenly. When you have uneven surfaces, the thicker regions will take a very long time to cook, compared to the thinner regions of the pizza.

It is very important to be aware of how to create the right setup for the pizza pan and the pizza peels. The pizza will not stick to the surface of the pizza pan if you make it a point to use the pizza peel. Instead of becoming a hindrance, the pizza peels will also facilitate the entire baking process. Many people use the metal pizza peel.

However, many others also prefer the wooden pizza peels. These peels are also helpful when it comes time to transfer the pizza from the pan so their functionality is not limited to the preventing the dough from sticking to the pan. You won't end up having wasted any of the pizza, and since there won't be any grease, it will be easier to clean the pizza pans.

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